By minimizing soil disturbance, we improve soil structure & water holding capacity, reducing soil erosion. With our Dawn Pluribus and Montag cart, we incorporate dry fertilizer in the root zone to minimize nutrient loss. 


Plants both build and protect the soil, so we do our best to get the fields covered. Whether mixes of species after wheat, biostrips, planting green, or broadcast into young corn, we're trying it all and passing innovation on to our neighbours and customers. 


To best manage soil and nutrients, we need to know what we're working with. Jonathan Zettler (FieldWalker Agronomy) maps our fields so we can do variable rate applications of fertilizer & seed, based on soil tests and topography.


Soil compaction costs us in yield for years to come,  but by reducing tire pressure and axle loads, we limit our impact. The AgriBrink system allows us to transport equipment safely on the road with high psi, and then drop the pressure as we enter the field. 


Nutrient efficiency is good for the environment and for the pocketbook. Applying the Right Product at the Right Rate, in the Right Place at the Right Time (4Rs) is critical. To save on fertilizer, we band nutrients, apply with the planter and side-dress.