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Our aim is to support the friends and neighbours who farm around us by offering exceptional custom services, from start to finish

We take pride in a job well done, treating custom and rented land like our own.




We are a family business, started by John & Elaine Luymes in 1980, now run by their two sons Mark and Rob, with the help of full-time employees (Ken Metzger, Marco deBoer & Dylan Krul) and seasonal operators (all the rest of the amazing people pictured above).


Our home farm is located in Mapleton Township, near Moorefield, and we serve the north parts of Wellington and Perth Counties. From tillage and planting, to spraying, forage harvesting, combining, baling and grain drying, we have the right equipment for the job. We aim to support farmers with timely, quality service at the right price. 

We take pride in caring for the land. Our crop rotation is diverse, including wheat, edible beans, and cover crops, with manure applied after wheat to increase organic matter. We manage nutrients and weeds through regular testing and scouting, and we control soil erosion through no-till and strip-tillage, residue management and cover crops.  


John Luymes moved from the Trenton area, bought a dairy farm near Moorefield in 1975 and married Elaine. They began doing custom work as Rothdale Slurry Spreaders in 1985, building a self-propelled manure reel with a high trajectory gun. John started into forage harvesting, filling upright silos. They bought a new farm across the road in 1992, building a shop and grain storage. The farm has come a long way since then.

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