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Home-made Sprayer

Over the winter of 2006-2007,  Mark and Rob Luymes decided to expand the custom spraying end of the business. Committed acres were low; ambition was high. The (then young) boys and their father decided to manufacture their own sprayer that would be comparable with any machine on the market at the time.

They started with a chassis, engine, and drive train out of an old Terragator unit. Then they mounted a combine cab (complete with air seat) and hooked up engine and drive functions. A 1000 gallon tank was mounted on the frame, and a hydraulic folding 90-foot boom behind that.  A hydraulic driven product pump was plumbed in along with flow meter, flow valve and section shutoff valves. A Trimble auto steer and rate controlling package was installed, and all functions put at finger tip control. Finally, a hood and grill was formed up, paint was applied and floater tires were switched for row crop tires. Fenders, strobe lights, and a decal came later. Oh yeah did we mention a chrome exhaust?!

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